Design 356 v drive # #

The challenge

The challenge was to be able to re-create, within economical reason, this specialist part for a limited number production run. We begun by carefully examining an original V-Drive and understanding it throught fully. Then set of to re-create a perfect working replacement part. To accomplish that we needed the exact dimensions of the individual parts the V-Drive is build of. To get these exact dimensions Genuinepart used in house state of the art digital 3D scanners. The data was then imported into Genuinepart's cad/cam environment. From this a prototype positive was 3 D printed, normally and in production the V drives are sand casted, for the prototype(s) we chose to use lost wax casting.


The housings are cast of aluminum, the original drive is made out of magnesium. Aluminum was chosen because of several reasons. First and foremost the high fire risks of a magnesium pour. The second is the fact that aluminum is less prone to corrosion which was also an important point to consider. Not only did we reproduce the housing, we also reproduced all inner parts, like worm wheels, distributor gears etc. etc. You will find all parts in our V-drive partslist list.

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